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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, the nation's capital celebrated america's independence in spectacular fashion. the secret service taking over a hacking investigation after tweets about the president. and security cameras captured a dog's run for it. didn't matter that he took part of a restaurant table with him. tonight, we caught up with him as he begins to heal. good evening, i'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. we begin with the fireworks on the mall and another successful celebration of independence day here in washington. craig melvin had a front-row seat for the performance on this night. craig? >> reporter: some summer heat, late-evening sprinkles, even stepped-up security, none of those things seemed to deter folks from being part of what has become one of the city's most enduring traditions. it's america's birthday and she had one heck of a party here tonight. >> it's my birthday today, i'm
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235 years old. i came down to party. >> reporter: he had lots of people show up to help him. tens of thousands descended on d.c. first a concert at the capitol. then the spectacular show in the sky. along with a sea of people watching in the shadow of the washington, millions watched on television and some held viewing parties around the area like this one in dupont circle. it's a bona fide tradition now. the careen family made the drive from chicago. >> wanted to enjoy the fourth of july here in washington. >> reporter: for this family from west virginia, it was an all-day affair. >> we pack up coolers and food, we got a tent. >> reporter: everyone dodged the rain for the most part. but security was everywhere, along with the wands and bag searches we've grown accustomed to.
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there were more officers and more obvious eyes in the sky. and then there was the security we could not see. >> we've introduced some real good technology things here. so the strongest security is the security that you don't see. >> reporter: this was the first major event in d.c. since the killing of osama bin laden. recently homeland security warned of al qaeda chatter about attacks on dates symbolic to americans. there were no major incidents monday and the stepped-up security did not seem to bother anyone here. the kids dances and some even reflected on what the day is really about. >> it's the time how we got our freedom from the british people. >> it's to celebrate america. >> reporter: and what a celebration it was. park police says that everyone seemed to be relatively well-behaved today. there were only five arrests all day long. and d.c. fire and ems say their day was fairly manageable as
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well. from the washington monument tonight, craig melvin, news 4. back to you, jim. spotty rain showers out there enforced the cancellation of the fireworks in tacoma park. things are dry in dupont circle right now. doug is going to tell us where the rain is and who's going to get it. >> still light showers out there right now. a couple of of them came through the around the 8:30, 9:00 hour. forced that one cancellation at tacoma park. into portions of western fairfax county, some sprinkles right now and back along 66, we're going to continue to watch those move out toward the east. over warrenton, towards the manassas area. very, very light rain. that's it. just some shower activity. tomorrow, i'm not expecting any showers. i am expecting, however, the sun to come back out. that's going to lead us to more
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heat and more humidity. we'll talk about that in just a minute. the storm damage from last night could keep some roads closed in arlington tomorrow. parts of old dominion drive remain closed because of downed trees and wires. dominion, virginia, power crews are working to restore electricity to nearly 2,000 customers in northern virginia. they expect to have most of those customers back up and running by the morning. a man who jumped into a lake to try to save a remote-control boat is in critical condition tonight. police say two men were controlling the boat on gunners lake in germantown this evening. when the boat got stushgs one man went in to get it. he went under water and didn't come up. his friend jumped in and pulled the man out. that remote-control boat is only about two-feet long. the secret service is now investigating the hacking of fox news on twitter.
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the hacker sent out messages saying president barack obama had been assassinated in iowa. the tweets stayed up for several hours this morning. fox news released a statement saying it is working with twitter to find out who is responsible and to prevent any such acts in the future. the fox news politics encounters more than 34,000 followers. the president spent this day at the white house. and tonight, he had a message of support for our men and women in uniform. the president and first lady, michelle obama, hosted more than 1,200 troops and their families for a celebration on the south lawn. the president told the guests, the nation is proud of all of them. >> i'm going to make sure that you have the support that you need in the field. i'm going to make sure that you get the care you deserve when you come home. and with the help of michelle and dr. joe biden, we will make sure america takes care of your families and recognizes the
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extraordinary sacrifices that they are making. >> this is the third year the first family has celebrated the fourth with service members. when a great dane decides it wants to do something, there's not a whole lot you can do to stop it. so when one dane named cliff got spooked and wanted to get away from a restaurant table in frederick, he ended up taking the whole table with him. jackie bensen reports on the search and rescue that followed. >> reporter: cliff, the big gray dog, a 3-year-old great dane s as limp as 160 pounds of wet spaghetti, exhausted are after an adventure you have to see to believe. >> the family was having a meal at five guys and we were eating outside and we thought we'd tie the dog to the table and have a burger. and we don't know what spooked him. we don't know what happened. >> just quick-nodded his leash to the table. and the table made a noise or
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something and he just bolted. >> reporter: security camera video from inside the five guys showed cliff, the table and a huge red umbrella taking off. you have to know the thing that played a big role in cliff's escape was the table. it's not very heavy. you could see how he just lifted it right up. down the pedestrian walkway went cliff as he approached busy south market street and astonished frederick city police officer who grabbed the table. but the dog was running so fast and so hard, the table leg he was tied to broke off. he kept going now with just the table leg dragging behind. the five guys video shows the officer returning the table later. he's the same one who called paula dougherty this morning after the family spent hours frantically searching for cliff. >> he called and said, paula, we have your dog. so we were just elated and thrilled. >> reporter: perhaps the most released, grant dougherty, who has a special bond with the dog.
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jackie bensen, news 4. coming up tonight, new reports suggest even more doubt about what really happened between the head of the imf -- the former head of the imf and a hotel maid. a fire near the potomac river. and a look at some of the finest fireworks of all over the country. stay tuned.
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a woman was found dead in the surveyor tonight. d.c. and u.s. park police recovered the body thank you anacosta road. it is not known how she ended up in the water or how long she had been there. the 6-year-old boy drowned in the chesapeake bay today at sandy point state park. investigators say the child was swimming in an unguarded part of the beach. after finding him in just four feet of water, rescue crews took the child to a hospital where he died. authorities identified him as shakwan kennedy of baltimore city. they say this is a reminder for parents to be very careful with small children at the beach. it is still not clear what sparked a raging fire on the george washington parkway this morning. an rv was attempting to pull
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into gravell point when it caught fire. the driver got out before flames completely engulfed the vehicle. the impact on traffic was minimal because of the holiday. coming up next, a busy and emotional day in court as the fate of casey anthony is handed over to five men and seven women. the crew of the final shuttle flight arrived at kebd kennedy space center today for the final countdown. and doug will come back to and doug will come back to tell u the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off per gallon. the more you spend, the more you save. i'm saving money at the store, i'm saving money at the pump, and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card.
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a french novelist says she is going to file a criminal complaint against dominique strauss-kahn tomorrow. she says the former head of the international monetary fund tried to rape her in 2002. a lawyer for strauss-kahn said he will file a slander suit against her if she does file. meanwhile, there are new doubts about the sex assault charge brought by a maid in new york. according to "the wall street journal," she has given so many false statements, prosecutors are now questioning whether any crime ever occurred. prosecutors in the casey anthony trial gave the courtroom an earful today. they wrapped up their final arguments and the case was handed over to the jury. anthony could face the death penalty if she is convicted of killing her daughter, caylee. jay gray has our report. >> reporter: after almost six
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hours, the jury finished the first day of deliberation with no decision. it comes after more than six weeks. >> state's exhibit m. >> reporter: of testimony -- >> that's correct. >> reporter: and tears, evidence and arguments. >> whether it's this laughing guy right here or whether it's myself? >> objection. >> sustained. >> reporter: there is a lot for the jury to work through. >> they are going to consider first-degree murder, manslaughter, second-degree murder, premeditated and felony murder. then there are six other counts. so it is complicated. >> reporter: the prosecution got the last word this morning. >> to say that there is no evidence to connect casey anthony to caylee's death ignores all of this evidence. >> reporter: the rebuttal to the closing argument from the defense first focused on science, then shifted to the accused. >> pathological liar. >> reporter: the state again using pictures, videos and casey
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anthony's phone calls from jail. >> casey? >> mom? >> what? >> i don't know what your involvement is. >> reporter: to describe it was a cover-up by a young mother who killed her daughter. >> what do guilty people do? they lie. they avoid. they run. they mislead. >> reporter: three times during the rebuttal, casey seemed to respond, first as ashton talked about her father. >> but george is not this machiavellian self-interested monster. >> reporter: she could be seen describing, yes, he is. >> even though george anthony didn't have access to all these things, only casey anthony did. >> reporter: she seemed to say "that's not true." then she mouthed, "it's his
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fault." the fault and her fate now to be decided by the five men and seven women locked in deliberations here. jay gray, nbc news, orlando. well, we escaped disaster down at the fireworks display. but little sprinkles here and there. >> yes. there was a fireworks show that was canceled. i watched one little shower coming over them earlier. there are a couple of showers out there right now. if you had anything to do out there today, a few people on the potomac, what would you do? how about this? you tell me yes or no? >> skiing? >> how about skiing on july 4th in the sierra? why not, right? a beautiful day out there. plenty of sunshine and just enough -- >> there you go. >> that guy apparently has his own sweater. look at that. just amazing. 91 degrees, the high temperature
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today across the area. we did see very warm and humid conditions even though we saw a lot of cloud cover during the day. today was the fourth day this month, so far every day has been at least 90 degrees or above and we are going to be staying quite humid over the next couple of days. 82 degrees out there right now. very warm, very humid. winds out of the west, southwest at about 6 miles per hour. other areas are starting to cool off. 69 right now in hagerstown. rain back towards the west down towards page county. we're seeing some showers into culpepper county. just a sprinkle, just enough to get the windshield wipers going a little bit if you are driving out along 66 or toward the south down towards i-95. this all came through a little bit earlier.
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look at all the rain just down to our south. we escaped this pretty well during the day today. richmond saw a lot of rain out of these storms and even some severe weather. for us, though, we just saw the showers. notice the clearing in behind this system, all because of a frontal boundary that's right now just down to our south. it will move further down to our south tomorrow. that's good news for us. we're going to see some sunshine during the day. we're also going to see temperatures return to the warm temperatures we saw today. temperatures right about 90 degrees. very humid. heat index into the low 90s across our region. partly cloudy tomorrow morning. warm and humid. 66 to about 71 degrees. mostly sunny, hot and humid tomorrow. but looking dry. best chance of shower activity would be south of the washington, d.c. area. but i do think most of us will be dry tomorrow. 87 to 91 degrees with that heat index, as i mentioned, into the low to mid-90s. wednesday, same deal. 90 degrees but we see a chance of showers move back in, wednesday, thursday and friday. about a 30% to 40% chance. not everybody's going to get
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wet. but just the kind of weather you expect in the month of july in the washington, d.c. metropolitan region. 80s on saturday, 80s on sunday. and monday, temperature right back to around 90 degrees. as we talked about, this is july and this is exactly what we come to expect right here. >> not so bad. >> not at all. >> thanks, doug. before you head to work in the morning, you might want to get the latest on weather and traffic fron news 4 today. set your alarm now for 4:30. still to come tonight, a look at some of the other fireworks celebrations along the east coast. and in sports, price harper on the move.
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lindsay wouldn't tell us what we were going to talk about. >> you lied. i told you we were going to talk about bryce harper. >> usually you don't. lindsay is going to tell us now about bryce harper because that's what she said she's going to do. >> this is not as significant s as -- bryce harper will be eventually promoted to the majors. he took a closer step to being dumped to aa when he made his debut. two singles, a walk and a run scored. you know harper had to love this, signing the autographs. he was psyched when he took the field for his first time.
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in his first at-bat, he singled to center for his first aa hit. a way to start for the 18-year-old. he popped out in his second at-bat. in his third, he singled to right in the bottom of the fifth but did not score. bryce harper moving on up. he went 2 for 3 in his aa debut. nationals outfielder jayson werth silenced his critics tonight. fans have been very vocal in their criticism until today. he won the game for the nats in the tenth inning. fans in the fourth of july spirit. there's uncle sam. he made an appearance. top of the fourth, nationals up 2-1. jordan zimmerman facing alfonso soriano. that could be out but roger bernadina and jayson werth can't decide who's going to catch it.
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aramis ramirez scores. marlon byrd beats the throw and the cubs take a 3-2 lead. werth would atone for the gaffe later. top of the sixth, still 3-2, cubs. bases loaded for geovany soto. he delivers to right. ramirez would score. werth comes up throwing. gets carlos pena at the plate. cubs take just a 4-2 lead instead of more. to extra innings, tied at 4, bottom of the tenth. pudge rodriguez comes to the plate with jayson werth on second base. werth steals third base with no throw. and that is a huge, gutsy play for werth. three pitches later, carlos marmol uncorks a wild pitch. that's the winning run and the nationals beat the cubs. jayson werth enjoys some relief with this one. >> steal third and score the winning run, if the inside moves
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me, i'm probably the goat. but oo win's a win. it was it was a good win today. especially on the fourth of july. we were kidding earlier that you've got america's team down there in dallas and team america here in washington. the orioles oesing the rangers. top of the second, no score, runner on for mark reynolds. reynolds got all of this one. to the seats in left field. that's a two-run shot. the third straight time reynolds has homered. the orioles up 2-0. but it was a short-lived lead. in the bottom of the frame, after the rangers tied it at 2, endy chavez unties. he yanks one down the right field line. that's a two-run home run. the rangers go on to beat the orioles 13-4. there you go. >> it's rough when you're an athlete and you make a whole bunch of money. fans are not patient or kind to you. >> talking about jayson werth?
11:27 pm
>> yes. >> absolutely not. but you were in philadelphia and you know how people were. >> i was at the game yesterday when he came up and everybody was booing him. >> but are they nicer than they were in philly? >> he was doing a lot better in philly. >>
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there's a new study out that's raised concerns about a popular drug used to help people stop smoking. people who use chantix are more likely to have a heart attack. pfizer is working with the fda but insists the drug is safe. 13 million people used that drug last year alone. before astronauts who will close out nasa's 30-year space
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shuttle program arrived in florida today. a million people are expected to watch on friday as they take up "atlantis" for its final voyage. after that trip, "atlantis" will join the shuttle s darcy spence and "e
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